Disgusting Internet Marketers!

By the way!

Did you know that it is unethical to sell a product to somebody making them belive that they are getting what they pay for…AND THEN!…

Once the SUCKKER! (Yep, me too…) gets into the site, there is the unexpected promise that if you buy this or that add-on or whatever they want to dress it up as, you will be even MORE SUCCESSFUL and then “But Wait!”, and if you get this or that extra add-on to the add-on you will get all the power of cash flowing in blah! blah! bloody Blah!!!!

What a shock to the system to get hooked, pay your $67.oo, get into the site expecting to get flying as the hyped-up video spiel led you to believe just to find out…Hey Dude! You suckker, we only gave you less than HALF!      HA! HA!

What a rip-off. Of course, money-hungry people buy this stuff (YES! ME again!) hoping to make it online…oh boy! What a let-down. You end up buying into something that 50 000 others  have been duped into. In reality, every program you buy into has been so well lugged out that you are left with the dregs

So, what then? Well, rather than buy VERY expensive complete programs that sell you worn-out keywords and over-sold-marketed products with so-called free websites. What do they call them? To-Go sites or something, yeah! Right! What a load of crud! Better to get the idea, go out and research your OWN products and work from there. The guys that put these packages together do know what they are doing, I’ll give them that, and they make big bucks, but they only pass this stuff on when they have done with it and there are only pickings left

Beware Of…

Commission Domination, presented/owned by Anik Singal. This has to be the most BORING! and long-winded spiels I have ever had the pain of going through, and I have been through many. You cannot pause his videos, or rewind/replay etc, you have top watch from beginning to end and then replay the whole thing all over again if you must re-listen. Not only this, he spends ages waffling on about himself and what he has achieved. He says he cares about the “students” (sic) who buy in but the overall message that comes across is that he wants you to buy in, buy his extravagant upsell (YES! what you see is NOT what you get-as usual-). This is just another package, nothing grand or really original. If you give him a miss, you will miss very little. I have found his software fickle & difficult to use…

On the other hand….

Jamie Lewis!

Income Times Ten! Here is a man who takes you through the whole deal, he makes no bones about what is required of you and he lets you in from the very outset on what he offers. Jamie Lewis of Income Times Ten! tells you right at the beginning that there are other options that you can buy into if you should so choose. This is the one I use, and I recommend him without reserve. He has Kwikket.com’s seal of approval!


This product gets Kwikket.Com’s 100% thumbs-up honest-to-goodness

  approval for NO UPSELL, NO HARDSELL!

(And no long boring sales-hyped spiel!)


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